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EMS is a patient centred health and wellness care organization. We are passionate driven and dedicated to providing the best possible health and wellness care experience for you each day. We strives towards excellence on all levels within our environs [physical and virtual] and services we provide daily. We are proactive to provide the highest quality care and services for your every need, within our all-in-one health and wellness unit. Where you need it we have build partnerships and relationship to give you ease of access to your needs and desires.

About us


ssential Medical Services provides a diverse range of health and wellness services to fill the needs and desires of all types of  individuals, groups and organizations. We have over 12 clinical services that offers a comprehensive array of health and wellness solutions. We also use the value and advantage of  technology to provide  health and wellness care of the highest standard in a more convenient, affordable and comprehensive manner. Within our services we have a broad complement of general, investigative, specialist, clinical supportive and complementary care options for the treatment, education and prevention of most medical ailments and achievement wellness desires.

Our professionals are amongst the best, each highly qualified and experienced to meet you needs with the highest level of satisfaction. All our offers are provided with a pleasant, patient friendly atmosphere with the best equipments possible. The medical center is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art care combined with a personal and a ‘second to none’ professional approach.

Proactively assisting you to maintain and improve to you best health state in the norm of our day. Can't wait to see how much we will help you grow.

Our Difference

You health and wellness team at EMS will never be outdone by any other. To ensure this we have consistently invested in technology solution to improve the quality and quantity of you experience every time. Every member that uses our services is engaged with wellness supportive services as well as the best traditional health care experience that can be delivered.You have the convience and benefit of online appointment pre-booking as well as (as at January 2017) we you can access selected health and wellcare services and products online. We look to improve our offers to you based on your feedback and suggest. Do not hesitate to message us and share you desire, feeling confident that we will respond to you with personalized attention.

Our Vision and Mission

It is our vision to be your best option for health and wellness care. To achieve this we set out an annual mission to proactively growth the quality, convenience and quality of our products and services to meet your needs in a more personalized and value adding way, progressively.

We believe in the empowerment and development of our patient to help themselves heal, transform  to and remain healthiest state for a more successful and fulfilling life.  We are passionate about include you in our every endeavour to serve you better and look forward to be you personal partner for all things related to your health and wellness needs or desires.

Prevention before cure every time

Our  wellness initiatives and programs puts you, your family, friends, organizations  and communities into their best shape as you look to improve on any of eight dimensions of your life [physical, mental, spiritual, financial, environmental, intellectual, occupational]. Through our ‘Get Healthy’ initiatives [proactive follow-up, wellness service,mobile and online apps], we  provide continuous education, guidance and support in a multi-modal approach. Great fun is included in the mixture of deliveries, as well as discounts, access to complementary services, free promotions, therapy  samples  and much more as they are available.

Follow up and post visit support is the norm within our center. You may further have your appointment booked here online , with courteous reminders at all times.These are just a few of the special ways that we get personal with you to help you ensure that prevention comes before cure at all times.

Check out our online wellness and weight control programs, with automation and online professional support!

Our Services

  • Family care

    Family care

    “Comprehensive highest quality and standard of healthcare solution for yourself and your entire family .”

    We are deeply honoured whenever we are availed the privilege to be apart of your unique and special life journey. We are enthused with joy to to impart a positive impact within your health and wellness experiences with us, no matter how small it may be.

  • Pediatric Care

    Pediatric Care

    “Ensuring happy, healthy and vibrant developing children is our goals, through providing  exceptional quality of care from birth to adolescence.” As a parent, you want to give your child the best , especially when it comes to their health, development and well-being. We pride ourself in providing excellence in pediatric care. Over 20 years of

  • Internal medicine

    Internal medicine

    Our Internal Medicine service  provides comprehensive, long-term care for adolescents, adults and elderly patients. Our physicians are trained to manage both acute illnesses such as infections, respiratory conditions and musculoskeletal aches as well as more chronic and complex medical issues, including diabetes, heart problems, weight management, gastroenterology disorders and more   We offer our patients

  • General Surgeon

    General Surgeon

    Experiencing our  patient’s satisfaction is our most prized of all our success statistics. Hearing their pleasurable voiced testimonials  and seeing  their smiles gives us immense joy and an enlightened sense of purpose every time.  We understand that excellent care means going beyond the expectation, with technology and expertise that  focuses on your true needs with

  • Orthopedic Surgeons

    Orthopedic Surgeons

    Our orthopedic service is committed to the above expectation care and improvement of your quality of life.We strive to deliver the highest quality of effective and expedient health care, to ensure that you are able to return to and is kept in your optimal state of mobility and functionality through your experience with us. This

  • Obstetrician and Gynecologists

    Obstetrician and Gynecologists

    Whether providing contraception, fertility care, prenatal care, ensure a safe delivery, routine gynaecological care or doing screenings and  listening to, while educating you during a well-woman visits,our  OBGYN services supports each woman with skillful satisfaction. Each woman needs to be at her best possible state of health and mental wellbeing, to participate actively in her

  • Physiotherapy


    Our service is specialist in managing not only sports related injuries but also we are specifically trained in the field of occupational health, ergonomics and work related problems. Our approach comes from years of practice and application within various and diverse fields from desk-based careers to active paramedic services. Our clinicians are highly experienced in

  • Nutrition and Dietetics

    Nutrition and Dietetics

    We provide a comprehensive, high quality, evidence-based nutrition and dietetic one-to-one service, which is available for adults and children.  W also provide personalized diet counselling and training for organization’s staff on various aspects of nutrition, as well as patient education sessions for wellness, obesity, diabetes and other chronic disease Our  experienced nutritionist and dietitian apply

  • Laboratory Services and ECG

    Laboratory Services and ECG

    We are partnered with and operate an outlet for the well-equipped Micro Labs medical laboratory, that provides a wide range of medical lab tests for you, your family and organizations needs.  MicroLabs is  committed to provide highest  quality, cost effective, responsive, comprehensive laboratory services, for your  needs and desires. Laboratory diagnostic testing is essential to

  • ENT Surgery

    ENT Surgery

    The focus of our ENT [Ear, Nose and Throat] service is  to improve the quality, vibrancy and length of life of all individuals with ear, nose and throat disorders. We endeavour to provide to you timely care,  accurate advice and up-to-date interventions.  Our service offers  specialist diagnosis, medical and surgical treatments for the full range

  • Psychology and Counselling

    Psychology and Counselling

    Our psychology and counselling services provide for the needs of the individuals, couples, marriages, family, and groups. We provide therapeutic support for  depression, anxiety, difficult children, addiction, substance abuse, and eating disorders among other life issues. You are provide empowerment and support to achieve healing and restoration of healthy functioning and relationships  The ultimate goal

  • Rejuvenation Weight Control Program

  • Workplace Wellness Services

    Workplace Wellness  Services

    Time, money, and or other resource constraints, often limit the extent of transformation that is desired or achieved in wellness habits/practices and or the outcomes they cause each year. For 2016 and beyond we want to assist you to turn up the heat and unlock your limits through the below outlined affordable and effective offers

  • Workplace Wellness

    Empower health and wellness behaviors that foster optimal productivity, provided by our best professionals. Explore more now
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  • Online Consult

    Convenient affordable highest quality health and wellness care are now available at your fingertips… literally. Ask us how!
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