PRINCIPLES FOR HEALTHIER DIETING: Make Healthier Choices First


    I can only imagine that feeling of euphoria you’ll get when you’re finally able to manage (or better yet overcome) the diet-related illnesses that you have been facing. As you progress through this issue of Get Healthy Tips the knowledge gems provided should empower you to do just that. Simply practice the recommended nutritional habits contained within, to unlock and achieve your diet-related desires.

    On a practical level, healthier eating is simply about consuming adequate amounts of your needed nutrients in their correct portions within the meals you eat and/or drink daily – from each food group. Healthier eating habits are simple steps you can take to meet your optimal health and wellness state as well as support the control of any medical conditions or high risk state that you may have. It involves making healthier selections and planning for your nutrition needs while avoiding the negative potentials that naturally exist within your diet choices.

    It is truly amazing the feeling that comes when you realize that you can change, what you have thought or have been taught that you cannot change or have little control over. Our ability to do, our capacity to share, our desire to have … is an amazing gift when you think on it for a little. You are an extraordinary being, with the ability to achieve anything you set your mind to. So get started!

    Commit to memory these three global points that are central to achieving healthier diet outcomes.

    Every healthier diet:

    • is high in fibre, fruits and vegetables as well as low in fat, soluble sugar and salt.
    • requires you to feed your body’s needs and never your cravings. Your body naturally loses nearly all diet-related urges and cravings within three months of starting almost any related consistent change. Get to know and use your recommended caloric and nutrients limits.
    • includes always making healthier choices first every time(even if this means not making any choice) – ‘don’t allow your few thousand taste buds to hold your billion other cells hostage
    • Read more on recommended healthier diet habits and practices by clicking here

    Learning Objectives

    Be able to:

    1. Describe the features of a “healthier diet”
    2. State (2) health benefits of having healthier eating habits
    3. List (3) of the 11 recommended healthier dietary habits provided within this knowledge gem

    Objectives for supporting healthier nutrition habits:

    1. Extend your support team to start including others within your training group through postings and responding to postings in an online discussion portal.

    2. Add at least one new core credible source to your information-gathering networks/resources.

    Making Healthier Choices First

    Healthier nutrition is simply about making the ‘healthier choices first’ when choosing your food, drinks or taking supplements (plants or other extracts in processed or unprocessed forms, etc.) to nourish your bodies physiological needs. Healthier eating is achieved when you provide yourself with an adequate daily intake of all your needed nutrients, that will meet and optimize your health and wellness state, or reduce and reverse any high-risk state that you may have. It involves creating access to and connecting with healthier selections from your available sources through planning your desired food choices to avoid the negative potentials from less healthy options.

    The first obvious question that may come to your mind though is; “How do I know what the healthier choice is in the first place?” To get the correct answer to that million-dollar question every time, you will need to make a choices related to three key things:

    1. Your caloric and nutrient limits – What are your caloric (energy) and nutrient limits for the day/week? You will also benefit from having a basic understanding of how these needs change with:

      1. Your age, gender, weight and height.

      2. Your regular activity level (at rest, in training, sports, work type, study, etc.).

      3. Medical conditions (when sick, with a chronic disease, etc).

      4. Your health and wellness goals (weight control, disease/risk prevention, muscle bulk, etc.).

    2. Healthier meal options – What are the healthier sources of food and drink that will provide my unique caloric and nutrient needs and/or desires?

      1. This is made possible for you to know, by having in your active knowledge the caloric and nutrients content of a standard serving of your commonly consumed foods. Start a challenge with your friends today to learn one new item each day, then share with each other to reinforce the knowledge gained.Click here to start reviewing the caloric content of some common foods, drinks and more.

      2. After this you should be able to make reasonably accurate and practical guesstimates for the food and drinks that you consume less frequently, for recipes, varied preparation types and other mixed foods.

      3. Finally be able to match your needs/desires to healthier meal options in a convenient way through an easy to access option – What’s the easiest way that you can practically make the above match up in the most convenient and cost-effective manner for my life’s routines? Again you and your friends can become a team – this is the best solution for this task.

    It is the goal of this nutrition empowerment series, that you will be able to answer these for and by yourself, as well as be able to easily seek and access support. Whether it be that you need help to get a better understanding or to make a decision in a complex situation that you cannot solve even though you have the resources. Key milestones and beneficial outcomes that you should attain, after beginning the recommended nutrition habits are:

    • A maximal reduction in your nutrition-related risk for developing the leading potential causes of premature death and medical-related suffering in Jamaica. Examples of the leading ‘killers’ are Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart/Metabolic Diseases and Cancers.

    • Easily and consistently making choices that result in control of your weight and your food intake.

    • Optimizing on the complementary benefits that you get from your regularly consumed food/drink/supplement – for healing, memory, vitality, longevity etc.

    • Maintenance and control, with normal or the lowest readings for your: Cholesterol, Percentage Fat Intake, Percentage Body Fat, Body Mass Index ( BMI), Blood Pressure (BP), Pulse etc..

    In closing

    Making healthier eating choices should never have another negative thought associated with it. Every time you eat, you should feel energized after you do so, as you push away your negative potentials (your foods become your daily medicine as it nourishes your needs) further away and fill up your capability and capacity to do and achieve your more daily, as well as to accomplish your future desires.

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